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Perfect Pourover Recipe

May 22, 2021

Perfect Pourover Recipe

The secret to great filter coffee at home is finding the right coffee, the right roast and good technique!

A unique single origin coffee is a good option and more importantly you'll need it roasted for filter - a faster, lighter style of roast to highlight the acidity and the subtle flavours, often lost in espresso.

Here is our manual pourover filter recipe, using the popular Hario V60 brewer (2 cup). Grab a V60 pourover kit from our shop to get started.

Target brew time is 2min 30secs, using 16g of coffee and 250ml of water. Scales and a timer will make the process easier.

The grind size is medium (coarser than you might think) and the water should be filtered and heated to 95 degrees celcius (30secs off the boil).

1. Insert a paper filter into the V60 brewer and place it on top of your cup or vessel, then thoroughly rinse the filter and brewer with hot water before commencing.

2. Add 16g of freshly ground coffee into the V60 and place all brew gear on scales - tare off.

3. Bring water to 95 degrees. Start timer and gently pour 70ml (=70g) of water in a circular motion over the coffee to wet all grounds.

4. Use a paddle or teaspoon and stir vigorously for a few seconds - this encourages the extraction.

5. After 30secs, add another 60ml of water in a circular motion (no stirring this time).

6. Repeat above at 60secs and 90secs and all water should finish passing through the brewer by 2min 30secs. (Adjust grind as needed to achieve target brew time)

7. Remove the V60 from your vessel and set aside to stop brewing.

8. Let your brew cool for a minute or two and then drink neat (not designed for milk) - you'll find the flavours develop more as it cools down further.

9. Enjoy!

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