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Partners in Flavour

October 30, 2022

Partners in Flavour

Brazil is the world's largest producer of coffee, and we have tasted plenty of it over the years.

A good coffee from Brazil has always been an important part of our Red Letter Blend as it offers plenty of body and sweetness.

In recent years we have been impressed by the level of quality and consistency of coffee produced by the Oliveira family. The effort that goes into processing the coffee is obvious and in the cup it's super clean and sweet.

Flavia and Gabriel Oliveira (pictured) own and run Labareda Farm and Bom Jesus Farm, together with sons Lucas and Gabriel. Located in the Alta Mogiana region, the Oliveira family has grown coffee for nearly 150 years, through six generations.

Importantly, the family not only produce great coffee but also run some valuable social projects to the benefit of their employees and the community. The Intermunicipal Games for the Environment (GIMA) is one of these projects. It educates and assists over 2000 local school children each year and engages young people in important issues such as social responsibilty and sustainabilty of the environment.

Beck and Call Coffee recently made a firmer commitment to support the Oliveira family over the longer term. We love how roasters and farmers can connect like this due to the transparency of the specialty coffee supply chain.

The main crop from Labareda is a key component of our Red Letter Blend and we roast it to bring out all the chocolate and nutty sweetness.

Each season Bom Jesus Farm releases a limited crop of the Mundo Novo variety. It is very refined with notes of grapefruit, caramel and hazelnut. We are excited to be able to share this microlot with you also. It produces a really clean espresso and a delicate filter brew.