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September 08, 2018


Coffee drinkers and hospitality operators are spoilt for choice these days. The big coffee brands are still out there whilst in recent years a wave of smaller, boutique coffee roasters have emerged to offer something different.

Choosing a coffee roaster is not easy but we believe there are plenty of good reasons to lean towards a roaster that is close to home. Here are a five key factors to consider:

1.Fresh is best – once roasted, coffee has a reasonably short shelf life and it hates exposure to oxygen, heat, light or moisture. Coffee that passes through several sets of hands or is freighted over long distances is therefore likely to arrive short of its best. A local roaster however has full control over the handling of their coffee and can have fresh coffee on your doorstep soon after roasting – even the same day!

2.Service with a face – the relationship with your coffee roaster is important and a local roaster is more likely to be readily available to support their wholesale partners. Large roasters in the big cities can be hard to reach or are often hidden behind a wall of company reps who are more interested in selling than helping.  A close relationship with your roaster means you can discuss options such as roast styles, single origin coffee or even develop a customised blend for your menu. A local roaster is also in a much better position to co-present events and promotions with you and to visit your premises in person to train staff.

3.’000′ Calls – no matter how organised you are it’s inevitable that at some point you will have a coffee supply emergency. That’s a big problem if you can’t get your hands on more coffee quickly. A local roaster can respond to these situations promptly (often on weekends!) without added delays due to freight times or third parties!

4.Gastro-tourism – visitors to regional Western Australia are interested in exploring and tasting local produce. The same applies to coffee! Why travel hundreds of kilometres to the Great Southern to drink a coffee brand that is readily available at home? Serving a locally roasted coffee gives you the opportunity to meet the needs of the tourism market and provides you a unique point of difference.

5.Locals support local – those living in the country will often prefer to support local businesses and products. They want to see the local economy thrive and a daily cup of joe from their local café or coffee roaster is an easy way to contribute. This only holds true however if the quality is excellent and a local coffee roaster is well placed to outperform on freshness and taste.

So where will your next coffee come from? If you’re in the Great Southern we hope it’s a specialty coffee roasted locally by us at Beck and Call Coffee. Contact us to find out more.