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March 02, 2019


When texts of “congrats” starting arriving on the awards night of the 2018 Golden Bean we knew something was up, but nobody at the awards would let it slip.

It wasn’t until the following Monday that we learnt we had struck gold, named overall champion in the espresso-single origin category!

The win came as a complete surprise with a washed Ethiopian coffee from the Wolichu Wachu washing station in the Guji region. Our roaster, Kade Sims knew he had a good coffee on his hands but never expected it to wipe the floor at Australia’s largest roasting competition.

“I was really pleased with the roast, which highlighted the sparkling acidity of the coffee whilst also providing good mouthfeel and a fruity sweetness. It has a real champagne quality about it”, Kade said.

Credit of course most go to the smallhold growers in Ethiopia who produced such an outstanding coffee. More than 3500 farmers are serviced by the Wolichu Wachu washing station.

On the back of the gold medal we were also lucky enough to score a bronze in the espresso category with our popular Red Letter Blend that many of our wholesale partners serve on the south coast of WA.

We are so proud to put Albany coffee on the map. There’s certainly no need to head to the big cities for award winning coffee – it’s right here in Albany and it’s super fresh!