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August 04, 2018


We’ve been around a few years now so Kade, our head roaster has put together the answers to some of the more common questions we receive. If you have others please contact us as we are more than happy to talk coffee – anytime!

Is your coffee Fair Trade?

I love answering this question with a No and then adding “it’s fairer than that”. Unlike Fair Trade coffee which is traded on the commodity market, specialty coffee is traded directly with farmers. The purchase price is based on quality and therefore farmers can negotiate a far superior price than they would receive on the commodity market, even with the Fair Trade premium. In fact they often receive up to three times more by producing specialty grade coffee. It is by far the most sustainable trading model. Read more about specialty coffee here.

Where can I buy your coffee for use at home?

We have a number of stockists and these are listed here along with our hospitality partners who serve it by the cup. If you can’t find what you are after then contact us and we are more than happy to get it to you.

Do you operate a coffee van?

No we never have. Coffee roasting is our core business so we do not run a mobile service. You may occasionally see us operate a coffee cart at selected community events and this is an opportunity for you to enjoy our freshest local roast, brewed by the experts.

Do you sell machines and grinders?

For wholesale clients we can put you in touch with our equipment partner where you will enjoy a discounted rate for using Beck and Call Coffee.

Can I buy green beans from you?

Yes, home roasting is enjoyable and very addictive! We can supply small quantities of raw coffee for you to give it a try. Simply contact us.

Where do you roast?

We roast in Albany and you will find us at the Small Business Centre on Chester Pass Road. The roastery is not open at regular times so please make an appointment to see us prior.

Do you offer barista training?

All of our wholesale partners receive complimentary training to ensure baristas are serving up the very best espresso. When you are using specialty grade coffee it is essential to invest some time into training your staff to really make it shine!

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