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Colombia Las Flores

Lilac, rose jelly, mint, black tea

Location: Pitalito, Huila
Producer: Nestor Lasso Zuniga
Variety: Sidra Bourbon
Processing: Washed

An incredibly unique and complex aroma is the highlight of this much sought after variety, grown at Finca Las Flores. 

The Sidra Bourbon variety is a rare cross-mutation between Red Bourbon and Typica.

We identified aromatic notes of tropical fruit, apricot, blossom, iced tea and even fresh mint to name just a few, and the taste is just as good!

Whilst this lot underwent the washed process, a special double fermentation step was used by Nestor Lasso Zuniga. First the cherries were fermented in enclosed tanks (anaerobic) for 48 hours, before being pulped and fermented for a further 36 hours. Finally the coffee was sundried under polytunnels.

The end product is a coffee of amazing clarity, sophistication and quality.

We definitely recommend a filter brewing method, just so you can enjoy the aroma as the coffee blooms.

Now available in a new 300g pouch. Our soft plastic packaging is fully recyclable.

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